Restoring past items to the past and present items to the present.

Asem’s 50 year experience in restoration and construction can bring your damaged decor back to life

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Growing up in Ghana, I learned to appreciate the value of the African traditions that remained intact, despite the changes introduced by the English. Art, music & architecture – even how they caught fish – all made their indelible mark upon my young mind & heart.

On the other hand, although current technology has become a big part of Ghanians’ lives, their rich culture remains deeply rooted. And the preservation of its enduring legacy provides insight into the past and perspective for today, while at the same time paving a path to the future. Likewise, in my work of restoration, I am motivated by my desire to preserve the historical integrity of your valuables, and person worth to you, and thereby enabling their own enduring legacy to continue to be fully appreciated.

At the age of 12, I moved to Lebanon with my family. I was quickly tutored in the ancient Arabic language that has been preserved unchanged for thousands of years. Beautiful mountains (jabal lubnan), sprinkled with ancient Cedar trees since Biblical times, stretch broadly both north and south.

Partially eaten away by the elements over time, massive remnants of forts and castles are scattered all over Lebanon, extending all the way back to the Romans’ presence there. And despite the natural elements of the past, and the tragic turmoil that has transpired upon her soil in recent decades, Lebanon’s irrepressible beauty and the prevailing energy of her history continue to attract and inspire people from all over the world.

My time in Lebanon instilled in me a great appreciation for the historical value of these ancient structures, and for the lives of those who designed and constructed them. And to this very day, whenever I visit Ghana and I witness those old ways of life still in practice, I am reassured of their continued value to those who keep them alive. As for myself, I cannot help but appreciate them all the more.

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